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Changing Health Culture in Low Income Communities

By Sabeen Faquir | Comment Here Your source for health grants The health of a population is associated with day to day living. To improve health culture in urban communities, the Claremont Healthy Village Initiative engages partners, community members and grants. Go to to search for health grants. read more.

UHelp: When Farmers Talk Turkey, They Talk Crowdfunding

By Staff Writer | Comment Here
Crowdfunding Talks Turkey Instead of approaching the bank for a loan to borrow enough money—somewhere around $4,000—to build an apparatus to keep their birds at bay, a couple turned to the internet and a crowdfunding platform designed to connect farmers and food entrepreneurs to back... read more.

GrantWatch Has International Grants

By Staff Writer | Comment Here Your source for international grants In addition to grants for USA nonprofits and small businesses, lists international grants for Canada, Israel, the American territories and more. At, search for grants for your organization. read more.

10 Grant Writing Pointers

By Libby Hikind | Comment Here Where grant writers and grant seekers are matched There are 10 grant writing pointers to keep in mind when applying for a grant. When writing a grant, follow our advice. Hire a grant writer from to help you search for and apply for grants. read more.

Love Doesn't Stop at the Borders

By Becky Z. | Comment Here
How hosting ETC exchange students has changed our lives. is proud to support Education Travel & Culture, a non-profit [501(c)(3)] educational exchange organization. ETC promotes international understanding and goodwill through educational and cultural... read more.

Personal vs. Professional Life

By MWBEzone Staff Writer | Comment Here Grants for small businesses It's good to have boundaries between your personal and professional life.  You can do that with your social media accounts. For grants for your small business, go to read more.

UHelp: Fundraising Strategies to Cope with the High Costs of Adopting a ...

By Staff Writer | Comment Here
The cost to adopt a child can dissuade even the most financially secure prospective parents., a free crowdfunding website, helps hopeful parents find the financial resources to offset the sometimes staggering costs associated with adopting a child. read more.

Buzz Around Your Business

By MWBEzone Staff Writer | Comment Here Grants for small businesses There are 3 steps to follow to generate excitement around your business: specify opportunities, take to the internet and reach out to the press. Go to to look at grants for small business or technology. read more.

Find Your Next Grant

By Dominique Matalon | Comment Here the grant search that gets results Find the perfect grant for your organizations' specific funding needs. provides users with the search tools, resources and save features necessary to quickly locate their next grant. We work hard so you don't have to.  read more.

Xero in on Productivity for Your Nonprofit or Small Business with 5 Step...

By Lianne Hikind | Comment Here
time management Time management and productivity are the most vital aspects to building a successful nonprofit or business venture. Xero is providing over 1 million subscribers with cloud-based accounting software. read more.

Technology Grants to Support Cybersecurity

By Staff Writer | Comment Here
Technology Grants on GrantWath Small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits host a great deal of secure information within their computer systems. Securing this data has never been more important, a fact supported by the surge in funding opportunities for cybersecurity.  read more.

How Will You Celebrate a Senior Citizen Today?

By Kayli Tomasheski | Comment Here
Wondering how to celebrate #SeniorCitizensDay? GrantWatch has some suggestions for how you can observe the holiday, regardless if you have hit that wonderful age of superiority. Find grants to benefit the lives of the elderly on read more.
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