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Why Am I Not Raising Any Money?

By Kayli Tomasheski | Comment Here
Want to earn money with crowdfunding? You need UHelp’s 30-Day Marketing Plan to teach you how to promote your campaign in newspapers and magazines and on well-known blogs, local television networks, radio stations and every social media channel—any and every press outlet available. read more.

What Is A Grant?

By Dominique Matalon | Comment Here A grant is more than free cash for an organization or personal endevor; it's "an investment in positive change." Grants are awarded to help accomplish goals of both the grantor (the funding organization) and the grantee (the funding recipient). read more.

Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Program Grants

By Lianne Hikind | Comment Here
Workforce Development Grants help veterans, youth, displaced workers and immigrants enter, remain in and advance in the workplace. Grants such as these provide programs for career education and career training, help solve workforce shortages and promote workforce health. read more.

Woman Crush Wednesday Barbara Corcoran

By Annalee Scholle | Comment Here
Barbara Corcoran Barbara Corcoran is our Woman Crush Wednesday on the Blog. A successful businesswoman, investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author and television personality, Corcoran is a motivating force for female entrepreneurs and women in small business.  read more.

Social Media Marketing for Your UHelp Campaign

By Penny Pierce | Comment Here
UHelp, the crowdfunding platform The success of your UHelp campaign relies on the positive publicity of your Campaign Team. Use social media marketing to build interest, spread awareness and reinforce support for your campaign.  read more.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Featuring Joi Gordon

By Libby Hikind | Comment Here
Do you have a job interview and find yourself without funds for necessary business attire? GrantWatch has chosen Joi Gordon as their Woman Crush Wednesday. Joi directs Dress for Success, an organization that empowers women with free professional attire in 150 cities across 26 countries. read more.

Man Crush Monday: Duvi Honig

By Annalee Scholle | Comment Here
Duvi Honig We're crushing hard on Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and J-Biz Expo. Duvi Honig's passion for empowerment is remarkable. He is dedicated to uniting successful businesses from around the globe, helping them as well as other businesses and entrepreneurs see even greater success. read more.

How to Find a Grant Writer

By Stassi Leopold | Comment Here Do you need a grant writer to run a grant search for your organization? Do you need a professional to compose your grant application, funding packet or mission statement? Do you need an expert in curriculum writing or crowdfunding? Find the perfect grant writer for your and/or your organization's specific needs on read more.

Man Crush Monday Afterburner CEO Jim Murphy

By Annalee Scholle | Comment Here
Jim Murphy | Afterburner CEO | Man Crush Monday It's Man Crush Monday on MWBEzone. We're celebrating Jim Murphy, a combat-trained fighter pilot who served in the 116th Fighter Wing’s Chief of Training for the Georgia Air National Guard. In 1996, Murphy launched Afterburner, Inc., a small business that now yields over $8.5 million in revenue every year.  read more.

How to Write A Winning LOI (Letter of Intent)

By Dane Bengal | Comment Here
LOI | Letter of Intent Many foundation and federal grants ask for an LOI prior to requesting a full grant proposal. Your Letter of Intent is like the first round of an interview process. LOI's received by the funding source determine which organizations are invited to submit a full proposal for their grant. read more.

Grayson Rogers Meets GrantWatch CEO

By Aurora Belle | Comment Here
Grayson Rogers meets GrantWatch CEO It's a GrantWatch celebrity sighting! Country music star Grayson Rogers meets GrantWatch CEO Libby Hikind after his incredible performance at 4th on Flagler in West Palm Beach, FL. Support music and set your dreams on fire with GrantWatch arts & culture grant listings. read more.

How to Build Your UHelp Campaign Team

By Penny Pierce | Comment Here
Uhelp Campaign Teams Campaign teams help propel UHelp projects to success! Invite trusted family members, friends, colleagues or board members to share the responsibility of promoting your campaign.  read more.
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