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Grants for Small Business

Personal vs. Professional Life Grants for small businesses

It's good to have boundaries between your personal and professional life.  You can do that with your social media accounts. For grants for your small business, go to

By:MWBEzone Staff Writer
Buzz Around Your Business Grants for small businesses

There are 3 steps to follow to generate excitement around your business: specify opportunities, take to the internet and reach out to the press. Go to to look at grants for small business or technology.

By:MWBEzone Staff Writer
Support Hurricane Harvey Victims with Grants for Disaster-Relief Funding on

GrantWatch, the ever-expanding digital database of current grant and funding opportunities for nonprofits, small businesses and individuals, is calling for immediate grants of support on behalf of Hurricane Harvey’s victims. GrantWatch is encou...

By:Staff Writer
Grants for Your Community Your source for nonprofit grants

Recently, the Ball Brothers Foundation in Indiana, awarded $3.7 million to community organizations. has grants for community service coordination and many other causes. It lists grants from foundations, corporations, and governmen...

By:The Star Press
Conservation Innovation Grants Your source for farming grants

The USDA is looking to fund competitive programs through the Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) program. With a new investment of $25 million, the USDA hopes to continue its commitment to farmers. Go to for grants for Farming/Ag...

By:Sabeen Faquir
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What's Best for You? Your source for nonprofit grants

We responded to your need for additional subscriptions at your agencies.  GrantWatch now offers Library IP Licenses and Multiple User ID Licenses. Single users can still enjoy all that GrantWatch MemberPlus+ membership delive... Staff Writer
Happy National Live Creative Day!

GrantWatch is celebrating National Live Creative Day by promoting grants that support struggling artists, new creative initiatives, imaginative culture and artistic programs/projects! What does it mean to “live creative”? We live creative...

By:Kayli Tomasheski
SBA Grants Small Businesses Money Grants for small businesses

The Maine International Trade Center received $145,000 in grant funds from the SBA to help support small businesses. and have more grants for small business. 

By:Portland Press Herald Staff Writer
Grants You Prefer in Your Inbox the premier newspaper for nonprofit and business leaders

GrantWatch offers paid subscribers a chance to check off their grant preferences and receive a tailored list of grants in their new Grant News Press newsletter. So, instead of a generic list of grants in your state, you will see grants relevant to yo... Staff Writer
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