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Have you ever had that feeling that something was missing from your life? Or, do you have a little extra time on your hands each day, and you don’t know what to do with it?  Maybe you are like me and think ‘If only my spare room had a purpose.’ If any of these statements ring true for you, then I think you need an exchange student, or two!

I feel like a career host mom who can’t turn away a student in need of a home.  I am currently hosting two students, Anri from Japan and Vivian from Germany. They couldn't’t be more different from each other and from my own kids, but we live in perfect harmony.  And for that, I am thankful, especially for their parents.  Every day I think about calling Anri’s parents to thank them for raising someone so respectful, helpful and happy, but unfortunately, I don’t speak Japanese.  Vivian is independent, free, and fun.  Her mother has done an excellent job instilling confidence in her and teaching her the importance of building and maintaining good relationships.

However, what I really want to share is this: These students are helping me just as much as I am helping them.  I’ve got a car full of kids singing, laughing, sleeping, snap chatting, and speaking with enthusiasm about their day.  I’ve got a house full of athletes (which I love) who put in 100% effort at practices and games while managing homework and good grades.  My daughter has what she’s always wanted, a sister – make that a sorority! I get to be their forever host mom and hopefully leave them with a positive experience of what it’s like to be a mom in America who has a career, opens her home to others, and has fun.

I have four kids. I spend more on groceries, and I go to a lot of games, but this is us!  My husband and my son were reluctant to take in two students.  After all, living with four girls can sound a little frightening.  As predicted, we are now a happy family of 6.  My son always has someone to watch a movie with or play basketball with, and my husband gets to hear all of the crazy teen stories when he picks up the girls from school.  I don’t know if it was fate, or if my Local Coordinator is just good at finding me the best students, but it all happened to teach me a lesson about enjoying the little things and enjoying people. I definitely came out the winner. I recommend taking the leap and hosting an exchange student. In return, you may find your peace, love, and joy.

About Education, Travel & Culture: 

Education Travel & Culture is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] educational exchange organization. Its purpose is to promote international understanding and goodwill by providing high quality educational and cultural exchange programs in the United States and abroad. ETC provides inbound program opportunities for high school students throughout the world to study in an American high school and live with an American family. The ETC also organizes trips for exchange students to visit such destinations as The Grand Canyon, San Francisco, New York City and Hawaii. 

For more information, FAQs or to apply to become a host family visit or email Field Director, Brenda Ferland at





Student and International Education Grants

Scholarships to British Columbia Jewish Teens and Youth to Attend Organized Programs in Israel

Scholarships of up to $2,500 to British Columbia Jewish teens and young adults to defray the cost of attending qualified organized programs in Israel. 


Thank you Becky Z. and the Education, Culture & Travel Nonprofit for your inspiring guest post. 

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About the Author: Becky Z. is a career host mom living in AZ who can’t turn away a student in need of a home. She is currently hosting two exchange students, Anri from Japan and Vivian from Germany.


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New Grant Spotlight of USA Grants (we have many grants specific to your location):

Awards to USA Schools for Creative Use of Cartons in a Gardening Project

Deadline: 04/12/17

Awards to USA PreK-12 public, private and charter schools for creative use of milk and juice cartons to build or improve their school garden. Potential applicants are invited to participate in the Carton 2 Garden webinar on January 11, 2017. Car…GrantWatch ID#: 178027

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Contest for USA Animal Welfare Organizations for Events that Raise Awareness of Homeless Horses

Deadline: 04/01/17

Contest to win up to $25,000 for USA equine rescues and sanctuaries that hold community events between April 21-26, 2017. A webinar will be held January 31, 2017. The events can be geared toward education, training, or family-friendly fun, and are i…GrantWatch ID#: 177925

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Grants to USA and Territories Agencies and Nonprofits for Research on Public Health and Well-Being

Deadline: 06/16/17

Grants to USA and territories agencies and nonprofits to conduct research on public and private-sector policies that affect community health, well-being, and equity. A brief proposal is due March 10, 2017, and an informational webinar will be held o…GrantWatch ID#: 179185

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Academic Enrichment and Scholarship Program for USA High-Performing Middle School Students

Deadline: 04/05/17

Academic guidance program and a potential college scholarship of up to $40,000 per year to USA and territories high-performing middle school students who demonstrate financial need to achieve their academic potential. An information session is sched…GrantWatch ID#: 180069

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How a Fundraiser Helped Our Small Business

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Where do Grants Come From?

Where do grants come from? 

In 2015, the US government awarded over 500 billion in funding to support ideas and projects to strengthen our communities as part of the federal grant program. Some initiatives are funded directly from the federal government agencies, while the funding for other initiatives is funneled through state and local governments. 

Government grant applications vary greatly, depending on who you are submitting an application to. A federal grant can be as heavy as 100 pages with an additional 100 pages of appendices, while a state or local grant may be just 5-7 pages in total. The number of allowable pages may also differ according to the agency within the federal, state or local government. 

Most community service grants are awarded by the federal government and offered strictly to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. Depending on your mission, you may want to establish a nonprofit to better position yourself for grant eligibility. Inventions, construction and innovative technologies eligibility are inclusive of small businesses and for profit organizations. Religious organizations are eligible for grant funding under faith-based initiatives.

Do all grants come from federal funding? 

Not all grants are federally funded. Many originate from state and local governments, as well as corporate, community and private foundations. Community and private foundations are formed by an individual, group or families, with a common mission to support philanthropic endeavors. Foundation grants are offered to nonprofits that will accomplish the mission of that foundation.

What's unique about is that our grant listings include all of the above; government, state, local, corporation and foundation grants. Our user friendly platform allows you to search by Funding Source, shown below:

Federal Grants

Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Profits, IHEs, Agencies, and Individuals to Address Bias in Criminal Justice

Deadline: 3/31/17

Awards to USA Teachers for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education

Deadline: 5/4/17

Foundation and Corporation Grants

Grants to Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Nonprofits for Events that Impact Learning

Deadline: Ongoing

Local Government Grants

Grants to Minneapolis, Minnesota Dry Cleaning Businesses to Reduce the Use of Harmful Chemicals

Deadline: 4/21/17

State Government Grants

Grants to Ohio PreK-12 Schools and Home-School Associations for Transportation Costs for Art Field Trips

Deadline: Ongoing

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The Process

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According to Libby Hikind, she got her start in the 1980s with a class assignment while working towards her Educational Administration and Supervision Post Graduate degree at Brooklyn College. The assignment was to write an original press release about a program or activity at a school.

Libby wrote her press release about the IS 68K School Science Fair (where she taught) and brought it to Nat Rothman, the school principal, Isaac Bildersee Middle School, for his approval. Seeing Libby’s potential and drive, Mr. Rothman helped Libby revise her press release in keeping with the school culture. Libby submitted it to The Canarsie Courier, and the Science Fair was well attended.

Her next Brooklyn College assignment was a full article, with a byline. Fueled with enthusiasm, when NYC Council Member Herbert Berman addressed her Brooklyn College Politics in Education class, Libby took copious notes and wrote a feature article for The Canarsie Courier. The editor at the paper, Charles Rogers – known as “Chuck”, then became her mentor.  Libby recounts, “I’ll always remember how my hands shook when I went to buy multiple copies of the newspaper, with my byline!  I want to give this same start and opportunity to others, that was given to me.” 

Writers, the premier newspaper for nonprofit and business leaders, is looking for new writers who currently work for nonprofits or small businesses and/or who are willing to interview executives.  According to Libby Hikind, “We are accepting articles about local replicable programs that benefit the community and can be modeled in other communities across the globe.”

Writers should try to include:

•             What were the trials and tribulations?

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The newspaper is also looking for writers who can provide social media, crowdfunding or fundraising HOW TO articles for nonprofit and small business executives.

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Fall Free Publicity Contest

Raise Awareness for Your Nonprofit or Small Business is a free resource to help you promote your nonprofit or small business. We look for model organizations to feature in our newspaper. has raised awareness for the following organizations:

  • Bottomless Closet of New York City
  • Hattiesburg Arts Council of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • New Creation Home Ministries of East Palo Alto, California
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation of Mountain View, California
  • The Drucker Institute of Claremont, California
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of Seattle, Washington
  • Palm Beach Community Foundation of West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Navah Organization of Valley Cottage, New York
  • of Ontario, Canada
  • Good Earth Farm, Inc of Loxahatchee, Florida
  • Jazz for Peace of New York, New York
  • Guiding Light of Lima, Ohio
  • World of Children Award of Dublin, California
  • Joe Gross Marketing, Inc of Brooklyn, New York
  • Afro-Canadian Relief International of Ontario, Canada
  • The Free Fitness Foundation of Pomona, California

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