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Grants to Alberta Organizations and Professional... Deadline: Jan 25, 2018               Grants to USA and Canada Rescue Groups and Individuals... Deadline: Ongoing               In-Kind Equipment Grants to USA Organizations for Youth... Deadline: Ongoing               Awards to Florida Public and Private School Teachers to... Deadline: Nov 15, 2017               Grants to Ontario Musicians, Composers, and Nonprofit... Deadline: Nov 15, 2017               Grants to Florida Agencies, IHEs, and Nonprofits to... Deadline: Oct 31, 2017               Grants to Virginia Cities, Counties, and Towns to... Deadline: Nov 17, 2017               Grants to USA African American Artists for Early Career... Deadline: Nov 16, 2017               Grants to Brampton, Ontario Nonprofit Community and... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Animal Welfare Nonprofits and Agencies to... Deadline: Ongoing               Grant to a USA Mid-Career Professional for a Research... Deadline: Oct 25, 2017               Grant to a USA Architect or Professional in a Related... Deadline: Oct 25, 2017               Awards to International Women Entrepreneurs for... Deadline: Nov 15, 2017               Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Profits, IHEs, Agencies,... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA K-5 Teachers at Low-Income Schools for... Deadline: Nov 30, 2017               Awards to USA, Canada, and International Scholars for... Deadline: Oct 15, 2017               Grants to USA, Canada, and International Post-Doctoral... Deadline: Nov 7, 2017               Grants to USA Middle Schools to Purchase Sports... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Visual Artists Who Have Incurred Damage... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Virginia Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools to... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Injured Veterans, Service Members, and... Deadline: Dec 1, 2017               Grants to USA and Canada Nonprofits, Agencies, Schools,... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Central Arkansas Caregivers of Chronic... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to USA Individuals or Shelter and Rescue Groups... Deadline: Ongoing               Grants to Nebraska Schools and Nonprofits for PreK-12... Deadline: Ongoing              

Grant Writing Tips

How to Write A Winning LOI (Letter of Intent)
LOI | Letter of Intent
Many foundation and federal grants ask for an LOI prior to requesting a full grant proposal. Your Letter of Intent is like the first round of an interview process. LOI's received by the funding source determine which organizat...
By: Staff Writer
How to Find a Grant Writer
Do you need a grant writer to run a grant search for your organization? Do you need a professional to compose your grant application, funding packet or mission statement? Do you need an expert in curriculum writing or crowdfunding? Find the perfect g...
By: Staff Writer
Explore The Potential of Your Organization
Explore the potential of your organization with a grant writer. Hire a GRANT WRITER when your staff cannot effectively research, write and complete grant proposals while engaging in their current programmatic responsibilities.  GRANT WRITER...
By: Staff Writer
5 Perks of Being a Grant Writer
Being a grant writer for GrantWriterTeam gives you the opportunity to increase your income and contibute to society! If you’re on the fence about joining, we created this list of advantages you may not find in an alternative...
By: Dominique Matalon
5 Reasons to Hire a Grant Writer
Trying to decide whether you should hire a grant writer? Wonder no more! GrantWriterTeam provides professional services that will save you money, give you control over the application process, ensure you submit every proposal on time and allow y...
By: Kayli Tomasheski
NJIT's $1.25 Million Grant Writing Mistake
NJIT's Upward Bound is a preparatory program for students who want to be the first in their family to attend college. After20 years, the federally funded program is ending due to a $1.25 million grant writing mistake. 
By: Staff Writer
Grant Writers- 41 Jobs at has 41 Jobs for Grant Writers
Grant Writers- We have 41 jobs ready for you! Sign up as a Grant Writer on to start bidding on our open jobs today. *FREE GIFT* of one month of when you sign up for (one month) to bid on grant wr...
By: Staff Writer
Q & A's About the Grant Application Process
Questions and answers on best practices, procedures and timeline of the grant process. No guarantees, no immediate access to funds - so what do you do while waiting for grant approval?
By: Tracy
3 Steps to Funding Your Nonprofit Where grant seekers and grant writers meet
Get funded by following these 3 steps. There are many funding opportunities to explore. Grants for your nonprofit and crowdfunding for your cause are just a few ways to secure funding for your nonprofit. 
By: Lianne Hikind
A Thank You Note Goes a Long Way Your source for nonprofit grants
Remember our reading of The Giving Tree back in November? Well, we can't emphasize enough to keep in touch with funding sources after you've applied for a grant. Read this anecdote written by Helen Monroe. 
By: Helen Monroe

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